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Lesson Plan Heading
Age: young adults
Level: pre-intermediate
Topic/context: games
Function: explaining
Structure: first conditional
Lexical items:
Instructional objective: students will describe the terms and conditions of something or someone in order to predict certain results or events.
Background knowledge: gamble, luck, numbers, games.
Language background: simple present, simplepast, future will, countable and uncountable nouns.

Good morning
Teacher provides markers and stickers for students to write their names on them. Every sticker has a color line so students can form teams according to the color of the line. T eachers pastes on wall color sheets so students can arrange their seats.
You know I sometimes have little parties at home withmy friends. We usually eat, drink and play board games or gamble games. I think that is a nice way to interact with friends.

Do you any board games?
Do you like gambling? What kind of gamble games do you play?
Outcome: games classified by games where you bet money and games where you don’t bet money.

Which are the games where you bet or put money in the game?
Please classifythem from the most popular to least popular?
Outcome: gamble games classified by their rank of popularity.

Do you know how the Melate game works?
Now we are going to read the dialogue of a girl that is going to find out something about this.
I will make 125 million pesos.
Betty was watching TV, when she saw an advertisement about the Melate lottery with a prize for250 million pesos. Betty taught that with a little luck she could make good money, so she decided to buy one ticket.
Betty at the grocery store and Mr. Lopez is the attendant at the grocery store.
Betty: Hi! Mr. Lopez. Can I buy one Melate ticket? I heard that the prize is for 250 million pesos. Certainly I can guess three numbers and make 125 million dollars.
Mr. Lopez: I’m sorry Betty butMelate game doesn’t work like that.
Betty: What do you mean?
Mr. Lopez: You see Betty. Melate game as any other game has terms and conditions.
If you guess correctly 6 natural numbers you will win 100% of the total prize.
If you guess 5 natural numbers plus the additional number you will win 2% of the total prize.
If you guess 5 natural numbers you will win .2% of the prize.
If you guess 4natural numbers plus the additional number you will win .02% of the prize.
Betty: Wait, wait, and wait. Are you sure Mr. Lopez?
Mr. Lopez: Yes I’m. And all these prizes are divided by the number of people who have the same winning results.
Betty: Oh my God! I don’t have a chance to become rich.
Mr. Lopez: We don’t know until you try.
Betty: No I don’t think so Mr. Lopez. Bye, bye, byyyyye.Comprehension check

Please read the following statements and decide if they are true or false according to the dialogue. Please mark with a (√) your answers.

|Statements |T |F |
|Melate is the game she wants to play.| | |
|Mr. Lopez knows the terms and conditions of the Melate game. | | |
|If Betty guesses correctly 6 natural numbers she will win 250 million pesos.| | |
|If Betty guesses correctly 3 natural numbers she will win 125 million pesos. | | |
|Prizes are not divided by the number of people who have the same winning results. | | |

Please organize the...