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  • Publicado : 2 de enero de 2011
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1. California group pushes initiative modeled on Arizona’s immigration law
2. Los Angeles Times
3. By Abby Sewell
4. November 24, 2010

II. Summary

This article gives information aboutthe new law that the proponents of California are trying to bring up to congress. Michael Erickson needs to gather 433, 971 signatures from registered voters by April 2010 in order to be able toplace the measure on the ballot in 2012. This law is similar to the Arizona’s law (SB 1070) it basically would require the police officers to investigate anyone that they suspect is an illegal immigrant.This article explains that in case the new law passes it would make a crime for illegal immigrants to seek for work in the state of California. The employers would also face problems with the stateand local government if they hire illegal immigrants (doesn’t matter if they don’t know that they are illegal). Erickson is confident that this new law would pass and he said that the reason forIII. Class connection

This article is relevant to government since this new anti-immigration law the Erickson is trying to pass in California not only depends on the people but it also depends onthe decision of the representatives in congress and in the House of Representatives. If Erickson achieves his goal this would affect great part of the people who live in California. It is nothing newthat a large percent of the community of this state is part of immigrants from many countries such as: Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras between others. I also want to mention that it would also affect theeconomy, it is clear that California’s economy is not the best right now, I don’t think that they would want to spend millions of dollars trying to detain, investigate immigrants. Maybe people wouldleave from California; we have seen what happened in Arizona when the SB 1070 was passed. Many people start to protest and boycott the state’s economy. I wonder if Erickson would actually be able to...
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