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On the open a tree whose trunk is surrounded by three bundles of wheat on the right a plow, anvil and sledge; left a bow crossed with three arrows and an Indian on horseback pursuing a buffalo which flows setting sun on tree branches in a semicircle appears forty-two stars, surrounded by the motto "Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable" (Liberty and Union Now and Forever, Oneand Inseparable) words " Great Seal "(Great Seal) at the top, the words" North Dakota State (State of North Dakota) in the bottom, "October 1 (October 1st) on the left and" 1889 "to right
The flag of North Dakota should be a blue field with yellow fringe edge of 6.35 inches wide. In the center of the flag appears a natural eagle wings spread and beak open. The left foot of an eagle carrying abundle of arrows and the right, showing three olives. On the breast of the eagle shows a shield with the top and bottom blue, seven red and six white stripes placed alternately. Through the open beak of the eagle must pass a red scroll with the Latin words E Pluribus Unum (From many one) and below it one with the name of the state North Dakota. On the scroll of the peak are thirteen stars of fivepoints, topped by a Rising Sun [1].
North Dakota became a state in the union in 1889, having previously belonged to the Dakota Territory.
North Dakota limits the north with the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, west to Montana, South Dakota south and east by Minnesota.
The Missouri River flows through the state from west to south
Bismarck is the capital.
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Agriculture is the largest industry in North Dakota, although petroleum and food processing are also major industries.[45] The economy of NorthDakota had a gross domestic product of $24 billion in 2005.[46] The per capita income in 2006 was $33,034, ranked 29th in the nation.[47] The three-year median household income from 2002–2004 was $39,594, ranking 37th in the U.S.[48] North Dakota is also the only state with a state owned bank, the Bank of North Dakota in Bismarck, and a state owned flour mill, the North Dakota Mill and Elevator inGrand Forks.
As of January 2010, the states unemployment rate is the lowest in the nation at 4.2%.[49]
[edit] Industry and commerce

Sunflowers in Traill County
North Dakota's earliest industries were fur trading and agriculture. Although less than 10% of the population is employed in the agricultural sector,[50] it remains a major part of the state's economy, ranking 24th in the nation inthe value of products sold.[51] The state is the largest producer in the U.S. of barley, sunflower seeds, spring and durum wheat for processing, and farm-raised turkeys.[51]

North Dakota Mill and Elevator postcard, 1915
[edit] Energy
Coal mines generate 93% of the North Dakota electricity.[52] Oil was discovered near Tioga in 1951, generating 53 million barrels (8,400,000 m3) of oil a year by1984.[53] Western North Dakota is currently in an oil boom: the Tioga, Stanley and Minot-Burlington communities are experiencing rapid growth. The oil reserves of the Bakken Formation may hold up to 400 billion barrels (6.4×1010 m3) of oil, 25 times larger than the reserves in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.[54][55] However, a report issued in April 2008 by the U.S. Geological Surveyestimates that the oil recoverable by current technology in the Bakken formation is two orders of magnitude less, in the range of 3.0–4.3 billion barrels, with a mean of 3.65 billion.[56]
The Great Plains area, which North Dakota is a part of, is called the "Saudi Arabia" of wind energy,[57] North Dakota has the capability of producing 1.2 billion kilowatt hours of energy. That is enough to power 25%...
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