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  • Publicado : 1 de septiembre de 2010
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The internet
the objective of this monograph is to expose the advantages and disadvantages of internet
firs I will give to know that it is internet: the internet is a global computernetwork: a network that links computer networks all over the world by satellite and telephone, connecting users with service networks such as e-mail and the World Wide Webthanks to advancesof technology now the Internet can be used not only in computers but also on cell phones or on the PSP or in the laptops anywherein 2006 the internet. The Internet it reached the a thousanda hundred million users. |
now we go with the objective of this monograph:
the advantages:
* one of the best advantages in internet is that thanks to the we can communicate withthe relatives or friends that are as much in the interior as in the exterior of the country, in a simple and practice way
for example I stay in Bolivia and my cousins are in USA, I canwrite them by means of the messenger and I can communicate whit a easy form whit them and economically
* the Internet allows us to get information quickly without having to buy theencyclopedias that are very expensive cost
* The Internet also allows us to connect several computers so they can pass information to one another or to play online or multiplayer
* evennow you can work from home by Internet
the disadvantages:
* The Internet remains a place where there should be no children without adult supervision. Unfortunately many people do notbecome aware of the danger posed to leave a child alone in front of a computer connected to the network.
* When the teens enters to internet we loses the time downloading music or videosand images or maybe in pages of leisure, that for example the facebook or you tube or hotmail, etc
* The pornography is a serious problem of internet because not have control of this
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