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  • Publicado : 8 de diciembre de 2011
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Have you ever wonder what Democracy is or means? It is a term that all of us have heard, but sometimes we do not know what it is. Then, what really means democracy? Is it just a word? Is it agovernment system? Where did it come from? Maybe we are aware that we life in a democratic system, but we really do not know what is that all about. Therefore, is it important to know what are democracy,the origins, and the effects of Democracy on socioeconomic growth.

When we speak of democracy one thing that has become clear is the different notions we have of the idea itself.Actually, Democracy is a form of political organization in which all people, through consensus, direct referendum, or elected representatives exercise equal control over the matters which affect theirinterests[1]. The term democracy comes from the Greek language and means "rule by the (simple) people".

They are certain components of democracy, the most known of which we are going totalk about are. Representative democracy is the one whose government officials’ representatives are elected by the people. Then, Parliamentary democracy is a representative democracy where government isappointed by parliamentary representatives. Next, Liberal democracy is a representative democracy in which the ability of the elected representatives to exercise decision-making power is subject tothe rule of law.[2] Also, Constitutional Democracy has the following certain elements such as political participation, fundamental rights, political pluralism, majority principle, constitutionalseparation of functions, and political Representation.

Also, the democracy has been divided in direct democracy that is when the people gathered in assembly or council, deliberates andmakes decisions that will regulate social life, and indirect or representative that happens when the town is limited to elect representatives for these deliberate and take decisions, in a hierarchy....