Development of a multinational personnel selection system

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One of the problems that have lived all leaders, both at group and organizational and community level, countries or regions, has been involved with the Recruitment and Selection. These communitieswere very clear that "those who brought and incorporated within their own community, organization, equipment" would be the key that would eventually lead to success or failure.
No organization hasbeen able to achieve their success based solely on his "vision and strategy," a key factor for success has been its dominance in recruitment and promotion processes as well as in "demotion" and"de-selection." The leaders and successful organizations excel in the processes related to income maintenance and development, and expenses of its staff.
In our case study we see Dr. Thomas Koch as the starof the challenge of Development of a multinational personnel selection system, get qualified personnel to different positions in different countries without the possibility of employing expatriates isan extra ingredient to this assignment.
We could highlight some advantages and disadvantages of using expatriates or local:
Familiarity with the goals, objectives and policies of theparent company.
Allows greater control and coordination of international subsidiaries.
Culturally they are closer to the parent company.
Gives employees a clear direction multinational.Disadvantages:
Difficult to adapt to local language, socioeconomic status, political, cultural and legal environment.
Increased wage costs of expatriation.
Negative impact on personal and familylevel.
Negative effect on morale and motivation of the local address.
Greater sense of who is a foreign company.
Difficulty returning expatriate staff.
Local employment could be mentioned thefollowing advantages (which should focus Koch)
They are more familiar with the socio-economic, political, business ...
Remuneration as salary level of the destination country.
Shown confidence in the...