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  • Publicado : 4 de junio de 2011
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Arequipa, November 2010


3:45 – 5:20 p.m.

Carla Peralta Zuñiga


In this Role Play Sor Rento, Sor Bete y Sor Rita decide to have their independence and rent an apartment to live their unmarried life and they are thinking to go out to a funnyplace because it’s Saturday meanwhile Rollerin decides to go out with one of the nuns but they come back very fast.

On the other hand The Capitan Coyote convinces to Rollerin, Marcelo and Daddy Ricky he is Sor Rento´s lover rent their own single apartment for going to the bar and to relieve their sorrow on Saturday night.

What they do not know is that the owner´s apartment is Rollerin who isan artist that rented the apartment to both groups without knowing it.

In this new adventure of the nuns there are four new characters, they are the three neighbors of the building, each one with a very different personality.

|John Paul Armas Falla as Rollerin: |[pic] |
|He is anextroverted person, he likes to eat a lot, he’s patient and very prankster, his best | |
|friend is Black, and he has a very nice friendship with the nuns and hates the sports, he has a | |
|girlfriend and is always with her. | || |Pilar Del Rosario Cruz Saico as Sor Rento: |
|[pic] |Her name comes from their food addiction. |
| |She is the humorous fat group, is greedy and lazy, but this makes upfor his eccentricities |
| |and jokes. |

|Jose Luis Kaway Chirinos as Marcelo: | |
|He is a very happy guy that supposedly has a relationship with Sor Rita and when he appears on|[pic] |
|stage holding a brief discussion with his partner. He always gets to start his appearance | |
|singing. Usually he dresses with bright colors; he is very friendly to everyone. | |

|[pic] |Denisse Del Carmen Palomino Sanchez asSor Bete: |
| |Her name is a parody of her addiction to alcoholism, she is the fool of the group who goes by the|
| |hilarious blunders, and the entire grip of silly saying that she has only one neuron, but at the |
| |end gives a humorous.|
|Gherson Salas Carpio as Capitan Coyote: | |
|He is an incorruptible policeman that defends and protects the nuns of the attempts of seduction|[pic] |
|by men. He doesn´t know that in realitythey are three fugitives of the justice. | |
|He is a fair, honest and hardworking policeman is the perfect victim, has a serious problem with| |
|women, he doesn’t realize when they love him, and only he has eyes for his mommy, who he still | |
|lives with. He never...
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