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  • Publicado : 7 de junio de 2011
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Girl 1: Hi __________________ how are you?
Girl 2: Fine thank you and you?
Girl 1: very well
Girl 2: You look so good, have you cut your hair?
Girl 1: Ohhhhthanks but no, I haven’t cut. BTW You look very slim have you gone to a GYM?
Girl 2: Yeah I`ve gone two times for week. Look!!! There is (name of girl 3)
Girl 1: Where?I don’t see her.
Girl 2: Over there, close to the window.
Girl 1: Which one?
Girl 2: she's the one with scarf
Girl 1: ohh yes a see her

Then came up the girl 4 andsaid:

Girl 4: Hi Girls is really nice (to) see you, has been long time since the last time we talk.
Girl 1 -2: hello, yeah long long time.
Girl 3: What are you talkingabout?
Girl 2: We talk of (Girl 3), she over there. Do you know her?
Girl 4: I’m not sure. What does she looks like?
Girl 1: (describe the girl 3)
Girl 4: ohhh yeah Iremember her
Girl 2: (look both girls and say) Come on, let’s go to say hello.

The three girls come to the girl 3 and say:

All Girls: Hiiiiiiii how are you???
Girl 3: NowI`m totally fine, I very glad to see you girls.
Girl 4: where have you been?
Girl 3: I’ve been travel a lot, I was in Europe, UK and some places of US.
Girl 1: That isgreat.
Girl 3: yeah!!! Was a really nice experience
Girl 4: and have you met any guys?
Girl 3: Yes I’ve met some guys, really handsome guys, right now I’m dating with one.Girl 2: seriously?? What does he looks like? Who old is he? And where is he from?
Girl 4: jajajajaj Yeah. Well he is very handsome, pretty tall, brown hair andbeautiful blue eyes. He`s in his thirties and is from US.
Girls 1- 2-3: OHHHH he is a pretty good looking hahahahahhhahahaha
Girl 4: yeah but now let's go to drink something
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