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  • Publicado : 14 de junio de 2011
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Monica: Paco, is it true you've gone out with Rosita?
Paco: Who has told you that?
Monica: It doesn't matter who. Everyone knows it. Tell methe truth or I'm going to break your face.
Paco: Well, yes, but we've only gone dancing. I wouldn't have gone out with her but Julia told me that youwere going to go out with Juan.
Monica: With Juan??
Paco: Yes, Monica. Of course I would've preferred to go out with you, but when I found outthat you had accepted a date with Juan, I decided to invite Rosita to go dancing.
Monica: Okay, Paco, you're right. Yes, I have gone out with Juan,but only because he had invited me to that concert a long time ago. I hadn't yet met you when he invited me.
Paco: It's okay, Monica. I haven'tblamed you for going out with Juan. You can go out with whoever, and so can I.
Monica: Yes, I know. It's just that it worries me that Rosita, who hadalways been my friend, probably has boasted about taking away my boyfriend from me.
Paco: Don't worry. Rosita won't have said anything to anyone.She also has a boyfriend, and she hasn't told him we've gone dancing.
Monica: All right, Paco. I believe you. I won't go out anymore with Juan ifyou don't go out anymore with Rosita, okay?
Paco: Okay. By the way, do you want to go dancing with me in a salsa club this Friday?
Monica: Salsa?Where have you learned to dance salsa?
Paco: Sofía has taught me. When we went to San Francisco...
Monica: (interrupting) Sofía?? Oh, no!!
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