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  • Publicado : 15 de marzo de 2011
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Nail: it is an object thin and extended with end filosa done of a hard metal (generally steel), used to hold two or more objects.

Volmeter: it is an instrument that serves to measure thedifference of potential between two points of an electrical circuit


Globe: it is a sphere of stuffed flexible material of air or gas

Bombillo small pump: it is a metallicsherbet used to drink mate or tereré in the River plate region.

Cinta insulating tape: it is a type of sticky tape used to isolate joints of threads and electrical cables.

HIELO ( ICE ): is congealedwater. He is one of the three natural states of the water

Pila (it pounds ): it is a device that turns chemical energy into electrical energy by a transitory chemical process.


AGUA ( WATER ) : it is a substance whose molecule is formed by two hydrogen atoms and one of oxygen (H2O).

MAIZENA (cornstarch ): it is the maize flour, starch or Storch.


Mentos: they are caramels are flavor to mint.

Cocacola (cocaine tail ): it is a refreshment, an effervescent drink.

Explosiva (explosive ): Explosive to all substance isdenominated that by
some external cause (it grazes, heat, percussion, etc) is transformed into gases; releasing heat, pressure or radiation in a very brief time.


LAMPARA ( LAMP): theyare apparatuses that serve as support and connection to the mains to the generating devices of light

Lava ( it washes): it is magma that during its ascent through the terrestrial crust, reachesthe surface

Alcaselser (to alcaselser): It is a compressed tablet that dissolves in a water glass, to make a drink and fizzy efervecente


Enjuague bucal(mouthwash): it is asolution that usually is used after the cepillado one of teeth, to eliminate the bacteria and microorganisms decay causes and to eliminate the disagreeable breath.

Menta (mint leaves ) : it is a plant...
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