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  • Publicado : 24 de marzo de 2010
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Mauricio De Avila Gotés

The Quit India speech, by Mahatma Gandhi

I think the Quit India speech is an impressive example of what an inspirational, persuasive speech should be, specially inthe words of Gandhi, one of the greatest speakers of all time.

It is important to mention the basic concepts Ghandi uses in the speech, and not only in this case, but also trough his entirefight for freedom, and his life in general, showing us, we have to do what we preach, staying true to our ideals and taking them to reality in order to acomplish our goals.

One of the mostimportant points in the speech, is Ghandis non violent philosophy, the so called Ahisma, and how he uses it in his fight for freedom, for independence and equal opportunities among the Indianpeople.

Gandhi mentions that in order to accomplish independence from the British Imperialism, the Indians have to stop the hate against the British people, because its not the people theiragainst, but the their imperialism, showing us that violence, or Himsa, will only lead to the earth being scorched in flames, and us crying for deliverance, textually quoting him.

He also talksabout a political responsibilty, which I think is primordial in any great lider or political influence, and the main resource to reach common good, along with political prudence and in Ghandi’sparticular case, peace.

Another concept Gandhi uses is self responability, wich he uses in his speech as a gift of God, for the people, putting himself in the place of a savior, but this selfresponsibility is a crucial principle in a political career focused on common good.

All in all Gandhi’s Quit India speech is a model of what we should look up to while taking part in anypolitical aspect or activity, since it has the main elements every great lider needs to reach common good, and show us why Ghandhi is and will always be a great role model for each and everyone
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