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  • Publicado : 7 de noviembre de 2011
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Should the pedestrians and drivers have the same rights and obligations??

In this period of the year, the roads are fuller of cars. So both, pedestrians anddrivers should pay more attention to the streets to avoid accidents.
All pedestrians have the right of way even if they were misusing the tracks, but to avoid accidentsthey must observe and comply with traffic rules. Pedestrians are not only victims of accidents they aldo often cause them.
In places where there are no police or anytrafficlights they have preference before crossing the road .However, they must ensure that there is no danger or risk in crossing the road.
If there is a change in thetrafficlights while a pedestrian is crossing the junction, the pe destrian has the right to continue his march to complete the crossing, being forced drivers torespect this right.

The driver of a vehicle approaching a danger zone is bound to slow the vehicle and to stop if the pedestrian demands it.

To sum up,
ON the onehand, pedestrians always have priority over drivers.However, they have to be careful when crossing the streets.They should ensure that there is no danger whilecrossing the street or walking along a road shared with cars.They have to obey traffic signs, trafficlights and policemen in its case.

On the other hand, drivers have toslow down in places shared with pedestrians and passersby and be conscious of the weakness of them compared to the strength of a car. Although a pedestrian wasn´tacting properly crossing a road the driver would have to act for the pedestrian´s security taking into account that one of every six traffic fatalities is a pedestrian.
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