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|Name: Hugo Fermín López Montiel |Enrollment: 02688402 |
|Course: |Professor: |
|Fundamentos de la Administración |Oscar Sigfrido Pérez ||Module: |Activity: |
|N / A |Case “ABC A World Class MA” |
|Date: Jan-27-2012 ||Bibliography: |
| |
|SWOT Analysis. (January 19, 2012). In Wikipedia. Retrieved January 27, 2012, from ||Oscar Sigfrido Pérez. Análisis FODA (Personal communication, January 22, 2012) |


1. Lean how to use and apply SWOT analysis to real-life situations in order to provide solutions for the areas of opportunity we detect


1. I read the document sent by Oscar Pérez about SWOT analysis
2. I read case “ABC A WorldClass MA”
3. I made SWOT analysis based on my reading of the case
4. I defined ABC Core Situation
5. I defined strategic actions to do
6. I did the Gantt Graphics and defined actions
7. I Wrote the conclusions
8. I wrote the procedure
9. I wrote the biography



As we read the ABC company description, we can notice that itis a solid company with well-established mission, vision and values, preoccupied to transmit them because that is the key success of the organization; as the management system for the quality, environmental, and security systems are value-based, they assure success, being good enough to get an award and international recognition.

The company market allows it to establish relationships withsolid companies (such as CFE in their time, or electrical companies), which are their customers. This assures a strong demand of ABC services, giving it solid and healthy finances. In addition, ABC offers consulter services for quality, environmental, and security management systems, this way it is able to expand its market and diversifying its activities. Plus, having technology expertise givesABC the option to develop new technologies and help with tests for its own activities or external customers, giving it place to grow and develop its own Know-How, as well as impulse scientific growth in the country, which leads to awards and recognition.

With solid Organization Structure, Coaching and promotion system, a culture of personal development, market strategies, good customercomplaint response, competitive prices and international and national presence, ABC enterprise could be ready to face the challenges of the future and remain victorious afterwards.

So, the core situation, in my opinion, is the Senior Management; it is required from them to take solid, fast, and accurate decisions to face the current areas of opportunity they are detecting, solve future challengesand be ready to face and solve contingencies could be found in the road. Strategic Planning must be done in order to survive to upcoming challenges ABC will face, and then transmit those plans through the communication chain throughout the organization.


| | |Strengths (+) |Weaknesses (-)...
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