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  • Publicado : 12 de noviembre de 2011
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Vertical Glass Earthship
ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINGS 24” x 36” A1 Floor Plan, Framing Elevation, Footing Elevation A2 Structural North/South Section A3Mechanical North/South Section PLAN OPTIONS Nest / One Bedroom Two / Three bedroom Open end / Garage Option Split Level 1/4” Generic Two Bedroom CONSTRUCTION DETAILS 8 1/2” x 11” SECTION ONE - Layout, Excavation and Tire Work S - Site layout S1 - Excavation Plan and Layout S2 - Site section S3 - Excavation Perspective S4 - Tire Layout Perspective S5 - Typical Tire Wall and Plate Anchor S6 - Tire Walland Plate Anchor Condition 1 S7 - Tire Wall and Plate Anchor Condition 2 S8 - Typical East/West Tire Wall Conditions 1&2 S9 - Tire Wall Perspective Support Data

Drawing Set
SECTION THREE - Roof Enclosure R1 - Tire Plating Layout R2 - Truss Framing Layout R3 - Truss Attachment North R4 - Truss Attachment South R5 - Battery Box Construction R6 - Battery Box Installation Details R7 - Skylight Boxdetails R8 - Skylight Operable Lid Construction R9 - Roof Insulation Details Support Data SECTION FOUR - Button up J1 - Jamb at operable window J2 - End Jamb at Fixed Glass J3 - Jamb at Door and Operable Window J4 - Jamb at Door and Fixed Window J5 - Sill Detail Below Operable Window H1 - Head Detail at Fixed Glass H2 - Head Detail at Operable Window H3 - Head Detail at Door H4 - Typical MullionDetail H5 - Overview

SECTION FIVE - Mechanical P1 - Drainage Plan P2 - Water Supply SECTION TWO - Front Face Footing & Framing P3 - Cistern F - Tire Plate and Footing Overview P4 - Cistern Bulkhead F-1 Footing Plan and Elevation P5 - Cistern Installation Condition 1 F-2 Window Sill Detail P6 - Cistern Installation Condition 2 F-3 Door Sill Detail E1 - DC Electrical F-4 Typical Window BoxDetails E2 - AC Electrical F-5 Door Box Installation Details These are the sections of the construction drawing set for building and obtaining a F-6 Overview of Boxes and Plates permit for the vertical face Earthship. See last page for ordering information Support Data

SPECIFICATIONS 1000 Square Feet (2 bedroom).

Available in efficiency sizes starting at 600 square feet. Also available in 1 to 4bedroom sizes with two bathrooms and garage. Construction drawings available for permit in any state and simplified for owner builders. Aprox. $75,000 with conventional grid utilities. Aprox. $85,000 with off grid systems. Solar electricity with capabilities of wind, gas generator or line grid back up. Roof catchment water system with capability of well or community water back up. Contained greywater and black water treatment and distribution system with capability of conventional septic or community sewage connection. Solar - thermal heating and cooling with gas back up. Gas on demand hot water with capability of solar hot water addition. Gas cooking. Little or no utilities. Low Maintenance. Construction components kits available.

Built of earth-rammedtires.
Also available built of straw bale, concrete, or adobe at extra cost.

The nest plan at left is the minimum application of the vertical face concept. It is approximately 600 square feet. It is a good first phase beginning. It is easy to add on to this building later. See options pages that follow. The one bedroom above is approximately 800 square feet. Both these plans can have any of theoptions that follow in addition to east/west room size changes.

Two bedroom high performance vertical face Earthship
This is the minimum sized two bedroom unit. It is approximately 1000 square feet. It can be increased in size by adding to any room horizontally (east/west) in 2’- 0” increments. In order to maintain high performance both in terms of function and cost, no increase in size is...