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The history of Italy is one of the most important in Europe and worldwide. bound
to that of Western culture and history of Europe, has lived most of the major historical events of theWestern world.

The name of Italy has been used since ancient times to describe people from the center of what we now know Italian peninsula, referring to the Italic peoples, speakers oflanguages ​​also know. Its origin is uncertain: Pallotino argues that derives from a settlement in Calabria and was used by the Greeks as a general term for the inhabitants of the peninsula

It isthe third European Union country that receives more tourists for year, Rome's third most visited city. Another important city is Milán. Italy is a democratic republic is part of the G8 or Groupof Eight leading industrial nations and is a developed country with a high quality of life.


Italy's cuisine is varied
Typical foods of Italy: Although the most famous ofItalian cuisine is pizza, pasta and risotto have a strong tradition in fish originating from mediterraneo. Among the most popular type of pasta are the lasagna, spaghetti, ravioli, macaroni,tortellini and fettuccine, always accompanied by delicious fresh salsas and a good portion of parmesan cheese. They are experts in the manufacture of ice cream and desserts like famous tiramisu coffee.Italian food is characterized as typical for pasta, pizza and a sausage, the food is a world to explore.

From the south of the peninsula, with its simple flavors and perfumed with olive oil,the north spicy dishes, Italy offers visitors the wonderful cuisine
In Italy the custom is to eat a first dish, or antipasto, and a second dish or main.
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Theantipasto can be soup, risotto, salad or pasta. The latter are composed of meat or fish with vegetables
Among the provolone cheeses is the most famous.Principio del formulario
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