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  • Publicado : 27 de noviembre de 2010
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Should the government finance the education or other problems in Mexico?
I think that no, the government shouldn’t finance problems in Mexico but yes the education because this problem is very bigin Mexico, we don’t have the appropriate education and this is the base of everything in life, you need your studies to have a good job, and also to know what’s right and wrong in Mexico city and inthe world.
But I also think that this problem has it’s good and bad consequences, like everything, thanks to the education and the knowledge in a country, the people could create the atomic bomb, thisinstrument is for killing people, and this was the result of knowledge and education.
I think that the government shouldn’t finance other problems in Mexico because, I mean, the government also hasmore problems and not all the problems would be answered by the government, so I think that the government should care about problems in Mexico but not insignificant problems, but real problems likeviolence, that every country has but here in Mexico we have more than in others. Another problem is poverty, and that’s according to the education problem, because if people don’t have money they can’tpay for a good education and then the students won’t have all the knowledge that others have, so the government put schools for the kids that can’t pay a good school, but it’s not the same, the peoplethat pay a good school would have more opportunities than the students that study in a government school. Another problem is drug dealers, and the danger that we face everytime we go outside to thestreet. These are problems that the government should worry about, not if they should make everything beautiful for the ‘Bicentenario’. With all that money that goes to the celebration the could give alittle bit of food or maybe money to the people that live in this country, that’s a big problem that the president and the government don’t see any more, the seem to think that the city is without...
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