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Ability: the ability of intelligence, skill to do one thing.

Acting subject: it is a word that syntactically is a subject that is consistent with active verbs and thematically means an entity that runs controls or governing action and therefore has a thematic role of agent.

Additives: These are used to add information. For example: and, or (e), which, moreover, even in second place,moreover, also, too, joined in parallel, then in another vein, while the same thus, another case, etc.

Adjective: were words that name indicate qualities, characteristics and properties of names and nouns they accompany.

Article: is part of speech that serves mainly to circumscribe the extent that it has to be the name that is prepended, making this, instead of covering all kind of objects it isapplicable only to express that particular object and known of the speaker and the listener
Attitude: Attitude is a mental position with regard to a way of thinking or being. The current popular use of the attitude implies a negative mentality, a chip on his shoulder "behavior, and inner rage toward the most dominant thought.

Balcony: Hueco outward from the floor of a room with a railing.Bale: ring or smooth esparto mat or rug to wipe their shoes at the entrance to the houses.

Bambu: Bambusoideae is the name of a subfamily of plants belonging to the family Gramineae or Poaceae, one of the botanical families, more extensive and important for man.

Banda: A type of human social organization consisting of a small number of families or subgroups related, loosely organized forpurposes of subsistence or mutual security.

Behavior: Behavior is a person of action or reaction to a situation or stimulus. My behavior is different when they feel threatened, when I feel safe. Many behaviors are rooted and operates out of the subconscious on the basis of past experiences and belief systems.

Beliefs: A belief or set of beliefs, somehow brings a set of individuals whoidealize a proposal that raises one's belief and emerges as a potential truth (as it is only a belief) and accumulating in knowing what adjusts to it, forming a cultural framework and social identity as a potential pool of individuals who share similar beliefs, those beliefs widespread establish what is called a dogma, defining a moral needed to join the group. This happens with some types of sects ofany kind.

Bike: The bike is a two-wheeled vehicle, which are usually the same size and arranged in line.


Capacity: Combination of all the strengths and resources within a community, society or organization that can reduce the level of risk, or the effects of a disaster or event.

Caste: Caste is a social group static and genetic basis, which is part due to an inherited condition orbirth of each individual, to discriminate on the status of the people, which set a certain order of social stratification.

Cool: below normal temperature. Figuratively, little liable to emotion or feeling; Lack of heat sensation registered by the body when the outside temperature is lower than the body itself.

Communication: The transfer of information from an issuer, by a message to areceiver. Process which then takes the opposite direction. In other words, the receiver becomes transmitter and so on.

Connectors: Refers to a wide and varied group of words whose function relate to other words within the sentence.

Contrast or adversative: Oppose ideas or concepts. Sometimes restricted. For example: but, however, empero2, conversely, despite, however, on the contrary, on thecontrary, however, but, but, although, etc.

Custom: It is an established social practice. Generally distinguished between practices that are the ones with social approval, and bad habits''', which are relatively common, but do not have social approval, and sometimes laws have been enacted to try to modify.

Change: In the sense of personal development, change is a transformation, a shift in...
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