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The process of coffee

1. The coffee plantation is located at an altitude from 4800 to 6500 feet above sea level with an avarage temperature of 18°C to 22°C.
2. The harvest seasonencompasses the months from october through.
3. The picking of coffee seeds is made by hand, cutting only the beans that have reached an optimum maturity level.
4. The flesh of the coffee beansis removed every day, using special machinery requirred to process the coffee and divide it by density and size.
5. Afterwards the coffee is taken to special tanks filled at maximun height of60 cm. lined with glazed tiles, waiting the time that is required to obtain the point of natural ferment.
6. After that, the beans are whashed with natural sweet clean water, and are left torest in clean water for another 24 hours before exiting to the pre-drying processes in the patios.
7. In the patios the coffee is constantly moved by hand, the activity is ended with the use ofGuardiola-type coffee dryers which function at a 75% of the capacity to obtain a unifor dry at a maximum temperature of 45°C.
8. Afterwards the coffee is packed in jute bags, identified withlabels that specify batch number, coffee variety, picking date and picking area.
9. A special equipment is necessary for the transformation of parchment coffee to green coffee. The name of themachine es “Trilla”.
10. The last coffee classification is made, passing the same through special machinery that classifies the coffee by sizes, weight and density.
11. Then the greencoffee is roasted with a temperature depending on the preferences of our customers and on coffee varieties.
12. Afterwards the coffee is grinded in a coffee grinder.
13. After that, the coffee istasted.
14. The taster expert classifies the results and those wich have better cup characteristics.
15. And finally, the coffee is exported to differents contries around the world.
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