El 20 de noviembre (ingles)

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20 de Noviembre!!
The Mexican Revolution was an armed conflict, which began on November 20, 1910 with an uprising led by Francisco I. Autocratic President Madero against Porfirio Diaz. Movements arecharacterized by several socialist, liberal, anarchist, populist and agrarian. Although in principle it was a struggle against the established order, eventually became a civil war is often seen asthe political and social event of the twentieth century in Mexico.
The history of conflict dating back to the situation in Mexico under the Porfiriato. Since 1876, General Porfirio Diaz led Oaxacanexercise of power in the country in a dictatorial. This went on for 34 years, during which Mexico experienced remarkable economic growth and political stability. These achievements were made with higheconomic and social costs, they paid less privileged strata of society and political opposition to the Diaz regime. During the first decade of the twentieth century several crises erupted in variousareas of national life, reflecting the growing dissatisfaction of some sectors with the Porfiriato.
When Diaz said in an interview that he would retire at the end of his term without seekingre-election, the political situation began to stir. The opposition claimed the government relevant to the position expressed by Diaz. In this context, Francisco I. Madero made several tours in the country toform a political party to elect their candidates in a national assembly and compete in elections. Diaz launched a new bid for the presidency and Madero was arrested in San Luis Potosi for sedition.During his stay in prison were held the elections that gave the victory to Diaz.
Madero escaped from state prison and fled to the United States. From San Antonio proclaimed the Plan de San Luis, whocalled to take up arms against the government of Diaz on November 20, 1910. The armed conflict in the first instance took place north of the country and later spread to other parts of the country. Once...
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