El aborto

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  • Publicado : 7 de mayo de 2011
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In summer, at night, I went to Caracas, Venezuela with my mom, where my brother Ruben Lives. When we arrived to the airport we werevery anxious to see him again. When Ruben came to take us to his house I felt very happy to seem him again alter many years. In the wayto his house, we stopped in a little house, I asked him why we had stopped there, but, he didn’t say anything, he only ordered me toclose my eyes and wait until he said to me to open them. After three minutes, I felt something in my legs, I was very nervous to knowwhat that was, so my brother told me to open my eyes and I discovered what it was. When I opened my eyes I saw a little, cute,beautiful… dog. I couldn’t describe that moment. After that moment I knew that she would be my best friend for all the life and I was goingto take care of her forever! Then I gave thanks to my brother, we went to a Dogs Shop to buy some necessary things for the one that wasgoing to be the best thing in my life…

I was very happy! At night we arrived at Ruben’s house, my mom and I went to a nice bedroomto sleep and, close to me in the floor I put my beautiful dog to sleep. During all the night she cried, she wanted to sleep with me,she pulled my hair and drooled my face to wake me up and to pay attention to her, so I took her up to the bed to sleep with me.
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