El agua

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Please complete the following chart as honestly and completely as possible. Your information will make me understand what type of special help you may need to achieve maximum success in this course.NAME: maria Carolina ovalle PROGRAMME: economicsSEMESTER: first | THIS COURSELEVEL: 4CLASS: |
1. English courses you have taken outside Uninorte (where, how many courses) | Place: all my life Istudied in a bilingual school# of courses: |
2. First course taken at Uninorte and date of last course taken (before this one) | First course taken at UN –Level:4Date of last course (before thisone): |
3. Levels you have repeated at Uninorte (what levels, how many times) | Level repeated: - Number of repetitions: Level repeated: - Number of repetitions: Levelrepeated: - Number of repetitions: |
4. Why are you studying English (and not French, for example)? | Because I didn’t do well in the level test |
5. Is English easy, difficult or verydifficult for you? Explain why. | Easy because I had been relating my whole life with English speaker |
6. What are your strengths in English?(STRENGTHS = the aspects you are better at) | Reading andwriting |
7. What are your weaknesses in English?(WEAKNESSES = the aspects you are not very good at) | Speaking |
8. Do you think you might need special help from me? What kind? | Yes, maybe ifI can practice my speaking for a while during or after class. |
9. Are you autonomous about your English language learning? Explain the activities you do as an autonomous learner. | Yes , someactivities I done as an autonomous learner is watching movies in English without subtitles( I don’t like the translation that is made for the Spanish language). Also I really like listening music |
10.What are your expectations for this course? | Practicing my speaking and if can have the opportunity to move on fast to next levels |
11. Any other relevant information? | Well, all my life I...
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