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  • Publicado : 25 de febrero de 2011
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The world to gain.
It is obvious that it is not enough. The effects of carbon monoxide created in our planet lay in plain sight. Polar caps are increasingly melting and yet many people do not getthe urgency of the matter. Efforts in the fight against global warming must be increased and intensified.

Many have seen documentaries and have access to extensive amounts of information on thistopic, but in reality few take it in their hands to make a difference and an effort. Schools and communities have programs oriented towards recycling and volunteer work or cleaning parks and beaches. Somehave even turned their lives as environmentally friendly as possible or as some same they have “ gone green”. But there is so much work to do still and there has to be a bigger plan.

Governmentsmust take a more aggressive approach on the matter. Raising awareness must come with reprimanding measures to those who decide to ignore the issue. Laws should be strict towards pollution andrecycling. Regulations must be revised and improved. Leaders should be the example reducing and avoiding conducts that impact negatively our environment. Taking the information to the people should not onlyinclude youth only but also the elderly and industrial and non-industrial companies as well. More environmentally friendly facilities must be turned from non-friendly ones. Recycling facilities shouldalso be more accessible to everyday citizens, to make them more approachable by society as a whole.

Relations between countries should address the situation as a matter of great urgency as othersubjects are. The only threat to our way of living is not only an economic recession and ongoing wars. The planet is asking for our attention and care. Humankind should target this crisis as a whole,prevention and remedy towards further damage should be a common global concern.

I believe that every grain makes a difference. No effort is insignificant. But imagine if we can get a whole sandbox...
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