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Good Night

Welcomes to your 24 hours news

I have a great side to my good representative of Colombian football. with us, Osman Gallego. Welcome

1. How's your career?I'm going well, with intentions of change.

2. You will continue playing or you move back of the football?
I move back of being a player, to progress in my career

Ah! It is true that youbegin a new project …
3. To be a technician?
Yes, is the future that I want, because I want to have my own soccer team

4. Do you live currently in Colombia?
No, I live in mexico

5. Whatdo you do when not playing football?

I dedicate time to my family, we go to the park, we to watch movies and we eat ice cream

You have told me that you are good for cooking is this true?
Yes,the best dish I cook is the bandeja paisa

7. Do you cook to your family?
Yes, in my spare time with love

8. And how is your wife and your son brayan?
They are good, are currently living inColombia, may I say that I love them and I miss them

9. Osman you stay to live in Colombia?
No, I will go soon to Mexico, I start my new career beyond

Well Osman
Thank you very much forgiving this interview. of luck to you

Continue with my partner Maria Eugenia, she is in the Atanasio Girardot stadium Medellin-Colombia

Hello Maria Eugenia

Hi Alejandra

Here I am withthe skater Yuliana Muñoz, winner of the gold medal of Antioquia League

Hi Yuliana
Hi, thanks for inviting me.

1. Does it feel to be the winner of the gold medal?
It is my pleasure torepresent Antioquia and to have a great talent
2. Will You represent to Antioch in the Olympics?
If God gives me the opportunity to travel and win the medal gold

3. What does think your family?
Myfamily is very happy and proud of my success

4. How are you in love?
Very happy with my boyfriend. get married soon

5. Your boyfriend is an athlete?
No, he is teacher of art.

When is...
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