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  • Publicado : 9 de marzo de 2011
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Presenting eight new collections for 2009: Wonderland, Piqué/Double Piqué, Dada Clock, Candle Clamp, Bright Times, tranSglass Champagne Dish, Future Flora and Charming.


Candleholder Coated Resin left to right:

Designed by Stephen Johnson
Rabbit in Wonderland Height 10.25 in / 26.03 cm Length 4.0 in / 10.16 cm Diameter 4.0 in / 10.16 cm Bird in Wonderland Height8.5 in / 21.5 cm Length 5.0 in / 12.7 cm Diameter 3.0 in / 7.62 cm Lady in Wonderland Height 12.0 in / 30.48 cm Length 4.5 in / 11.43 cm Diameter 4.0 in / 10.16 cm

Wonderland candleholders conjure a surreal Alice in Wonderland world of escape. Fashioned from a deft balancing act of figurines that support a candle holder atop the stack, Wonderland is constructed using pieces individually castfrom ornaments found by designer Stephen Johnson from antique markets in his native England. Wonderland illustrates how design can fulfill emotional needs like fantasy, nostalgia, and humor. The collection features 3 styles: Rabbit, Bird, and Lady in Wonderland. All 3 styles are available in Matte White. Bird and Rabbit in Wonderland are also available in special edition gold and chrome respectively.Stephen Johnson explores less obvious facets of design. His work centres largely on how design can exist for the cognitive, as well as our more commonly perceived physical needs. Through a love of ornamentation and kitsch he considers design as fulfilling emotional needs like humour and nostalgia. Johnson lives and works in London.

Piqué/Double Piqué

Piqué/Double Piqué
Designed byStudio Glithero
Hand-dipped candles Wax Piqué Height 9.5 in / 24.13 cm Diameter 4.65 in / 11.81 cm Double Piqué Height 9.5 in / 24.13 cm Length 8.3 in / 21.08 cm Width 3.64 in / 9.24 cm

Piqué and Double Piqué are a lithe duo of hand-dipped candles that stand independently on their curving frames. Configurations of string are formed, and then repeatedly dipped into vats of molten wax until thefinished pieces emerge. Piqué is a single-wick candle while Double Piqué offers a double candle variation. Arrange multiple candles to create a magnitude of light. Piqué sold in packs of two. Due to their artisanal origins, no two candles are exactly alike.

Studio Glithero is a London-based, Anglo-Dutch partnership between designers Tim Simpson and Sarah van Gameren. Sharing a fascination withman’s relationship to machine and the process of making, Studio Glithero have exhibited their process and time-based installations at London Design Museum, Milan Design Week, and Design Tide in Tokyo.

Dada Clock

Dada Clock
Clock Cast resin

Designed by Tahmineh Javanbakht
Length 2.25 in / 5.70 cm Height 4.14 in / 10.5 cm Width 3.20 in / 8.00 cm A hand-polished egg-shaped resin lens thatcolorfully magnifies an original Artecnica clock face, Dada Clock is available in three gem-toned hues: amber, aqua, and pink. Designed by Tahmineh Javanbakht, Dada Clock recalls the essence of surrealism.

Tahmineh Javanbakht is co-founder and creative director of Artecnica. An award-winning artist and painter, Javanbakht taught experimental painting at the Art Center College of Design in PasadenaCalifornia from where she graduated in 1986. She works and resides in Los Angeles.

Candle Clamp

Candle Clamp
Candleholder Laser-cut steel Candleclamp 1 Height 4.45 in / 11.3 cm Length 4.95 in / 12.5 cm Width 4.25 in / 10.8 cm

Designed by Studio Tord Boontje
Candleclamp 2 Height 4.45 in / 11.3 cm Length 10.0 in / 25.6 cm Width 4.25 in / 10.8 cm Candleclamp 4 Height 4.45 in / 11.3 cmLength 18.0 in / 45.7 cm Width 4.25 in / 10.8 cm

“The idea for the Candle Clamp was to create a very solid and utilitarian piece that through its robust construction would have a long lasting quality, like a good tool.” — Tord Boontje
A modern candleholder, Candle Clamp offers an industrial perspective on iconic form. Arriving in concise fragments, Candle Clamp emerges through an ingenious...
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