El sentido de la vida

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  • Publicado : 20 de junio de 2011
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1. Definition and feasibility

“Knowing the world of jobs” is a project that has as its main purpose; to develop conceptual and procedural objectives that are based on learning the use of newvocabulary related to people’s jobs and occupations. The attitudinal objectives are focused in knowing the importance of jobs in people’s life as an interesting activity. This project is programmed togive students the opportunity to increase their knowledge and reading comprehension skills, using both appropriate human and material resources that will emphasize the pair work methodology. Theprincipal objective of this project is focused on the development of skills, personal values and competences, including conscience formation to help them become better and more responsible with the publicservices by learning the people’s occupations. It is important to emphasize that this project is in accordance with the curriculum and pedagogical practices.
The feasibility of this project counts onthe permission and support of the teacher and on the other hand, this project is based on students’ interests and prior knowledge, because they have chosen the topic and the type of text through aninterest survey. Moreover it is within the Institutional Project, and on the Education’s Minister Program principally focused on the unit “City and work” and related to the minimum obligatory contents.Finally, the project relies on both appropriate human and material resources; the teacher has helped us with the discipline. Besides, it has enough materials for the activities; a computer, aprojector (this will be provided by the school) and activities’ worksheet photocopies.

d. Identifying prior knowledge.
In order to identify the students’ prior knowledge, the application of aknowledge survey was relevant to identify how many students knew about the contents of this project. It collected information about the students’ knowledge related to the use of present continuous and...
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