El tigre blanco

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Among the cats that still exist, the Tiger is the greatest. In the wild, SiberianTiger manages to reach the 315 kg. The average dimension of the body including the head is about 3 meters.

Even live from Turkey to the Indochina peninsula and islands in the archipelago south of theprobe. Reaches its location north to Siberia.

Due to its heavy weight the tiger usually not up in the trees. A little unusual among cats, the tiger would not only prove to be a great swimmer, butalso to like water even when you have to swim. The basic color of the tiger is reddish-yellow skin with dark vertical stripes, in contrast to this; the white tiger is white to replace the yellow.[pic]

The white tiger is a species that unfortunately is in serious danger of extinction. It is estimated that today there are only 210 white tigers worldwide, mostly in captivity. This carnivorousmammal belonging to the feline family. They are solitary creatures of habit, but sometimes they can be
found in groups of 3 or 4.

White tigers are a variation of the Bengal tiger. From parents whohave a recessive gene that gives them the white coloring on their skin. It is rare to find a white tiger in a natural environment. May have different shades on the eyes, but generally are blue, exceptfor albinos, who usually have pink.

In captivity, life expectancy of white tigers is about 20 years.


Most people think that white tigers come from Siberia, by its color. However, havenever been seen there. Only been found in India. The first known white tiger was captured in the jungles of Rewa 1951 by the Maharaja of Rewa.

White tigers are a kind of very beautiful animal butit should not hunt because if you want to admire and then we should keep this species is unique in color, have to do consiencia and protect it is a gift of nature

The white Bengal tiger is a...
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