Elizabeth i

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Isabel I: Una mujer para la eternidad

Elizabeth I was the last Tudor monarch. Her reign begin in 1558 and finished in 1603. She was a Protestant Queen, but she always was a tolerant monarch. Her reign was characterized by not married. She had several suitors, but she never decided to marry.
Elizabeth lived in a time of relatively stability political,religious and social. When her death came, the Tudor Dynasty ends up.

KEYWORDS: succession, Protestant, Catholic, reign and virgin

1) Introduction
Elizabeth I of England is known has “The Virgin Queen” and belonged to the Tudor Dynasty. Elizabeth was the fifth and last monarch of this dynasty. This dynasty was founder by King Henry VII and the last reigning Queen of Tudor was Elizabeth I.Elizabeth was the last Queen of Tudor dynasty, and her reign, that beginning in 1558 and finished in 1603, lasted 45 years.
Elizabeth was born on the 7th September, 1533 to King Henry VIII and Queen Anne Boleyn. Henry VIII has divorced Catherine of Aragon and married Anne. The baby girl was named “Elizabeth” from the name of Henry’ mother Elizabeth of York and Ann’s mother Elizabeth Boleyn. She wasbaptized on September 10th, 1533 at the Friars Church at Greenwich.
Anne Boleyn, wife of Henry VIII was crowned as Queen of England on June 1st 1553. Queen Boleyn had two miscarriages, and in both cases the foetus was a male child. She couldn't deliver a male child to Henry and this became the main cause of her death. Anne was judged and t he verdict was already been made prior to trial.
QueenAnne was beheaded in the tower of London with full rituals and Elizabeth was declared illegitimate. The same day of her death, Henry married Jane Seymour.
Elizabeth had no mother and the king, her father, was no interested in her. She was put into the care of Lady Bryan and lived in any of the royal places which happened to be unoccupied at the moment.
He looked after the child like a mother,through all the troubles of childhood as well as the more difficult and dangerous troubles of royalty. Elizabeth was such a quick-witted lively little girl that in spite of her unfortunate birth she became a great favourite with the king, in his peasant moods.
She spent her childhood in several places. At one time she lived with her half-sister Mary.
The succession of stepmothers came and went.Henry VIII, father of Elizabeth, was married for 6 times. The first was with Catherine of Aragon, the second was with Anne Boleyn, the third with Jane Seymour. Henry VIII married for the fourth time Ann Cleves of Germany, for fifth time Catherine Howard and sixth and last one. Last of all came Catherine Parr, a kind gentle woman who really tried to be a mother to her step-children and make a home forthem. Henry married Catherine on July 12th, 1543. She had them all to live with her, took an interest in their work and shielded them from the king's furies.
Elizabeth was alone in the world, because her mother was died and her father was not interested in her, but Catherine was like a mother to her. The atmosphere in which she grew up was not a very homely one.
Mostly she lived at Hatfieldpalace, not far from London. There was no one she could trust. She had tutors, governesses and ladies-in-waiting all round her, but not one of them was a clever or as shrewd as she, and Elizabeth didn’t trust anyone.
When he was ten years old, the gracious work of Catherine Parr, Elizabeth returned to court, protected by this queen, soon after King Henry got to the Parliament was able to recognizelegitimacy of Elizabeth and her older half-sister, Mary.
When Henry VIII died January 28th, 1547, Catherine married Thomas Seymour, the brother of Jane Seymour, the third wife of Henry VIII. Under the influence of Catherine, Elizabeth received a good education that led him to have a solid liberal education. Catherine was for her as a mother, and Elizabeth still lived with her stepmother, Queen...
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