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was the daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. The reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603) is often referred to as The Golden Age of English history. This was the time during which WilliamShakespeare was started to be known. During this era you could also find how a lot of explorers had extended England´s influence to the New World. Would you like to know the most interested Queen ever?Let´s read this amazing interview!
Hello Queen Elisabeth I, why didn´t you get married?
Well, in my opinion the marriage of a Queen regnant is a complicated affair and could be disastrous for thecountry. I don´t want to repeat my sister´s mistake by marrying a man that would be no popular with my people.
So I assumed you have never wanted to marry, have you?
I´ve never wanted to marry. In fact“I am married to my country” as I´ve always said.
Do you like fashion?
Yes, I´m a great follower of fashion. When I´m in public I always dress to impress, although I prefer to wear simples clothes,it´s more comfortable!
Which ones are your favorite colors?
Well, I have dresses of all colors, but white and black are my favourite colors as they symbolized virginity and purity.
Do you thinkpeople in your country eat well?
In my opinion poor people may have unvaried diets, but I also think rich people eat well. There are a lot of possibilities, you can choose traditional English food oryou can try some food from the New World.
What can you tell us about the Armada and the battle against it?
The Spanish fleet consisted in over 100 ships, it was a lot! We were waiting for them in theEnglish Channel. When they get to there we started fighting. Finally we could win because of the bad weather, with the wind and rain against them, but also because they were not able to compete withour superior English.
It is said that you went to the battle like a true warrior, upon a White Horse, is it true?
Of course yes! I was not going to sit trembling inside a guarded Palace while my...
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