Emerging adulthood

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Emerging Adulthood: The winding road from the late teens through the twenties
Jeffrey Jensen Arnett
* Emerging adulthood: college students or anyone else who is in the age period from the lateteens through the mid-twenties.
* Young adulthood: is better apply to those in their thirties, who are still young but are definitely adult in ways those in the in the late teens through themid-twenties are not.
* Slackers: young people in their twenties, aimless, apathetic and cynical
* Recentering: primary psychosocial task of emerging adulthood
* Brain plasticity: thematuration remains sensitive to environmental conditions and experiences.
* Social-emotional information: increase neural stability
* Medial prefrontal cortex: the brain region the has beenimplicated in planning complex cognitive behaviors, personality expression moderating correct social behavior
* Brain maturation: greater control over emotional reactions
* Arrested adulthood:great disadvantage, hazard vulnerability to individual who are distance from the resources available via labor market participation

Early adulthood is the most important stage of transition, as fromthis there are many emotional changes and decisions are taken that will have consequences in adulthood.
Adulthood is characterized primarily by social factors, and thus is considered mature adult tothe subject being able to live independently without the need to be protected emotionally, socially, emotionally and financially, but independence is more a possibility that an total reality. One ofthe issues underlying this research is to try to determine whether young people today can move from adolescence to adulthood and even mature psychologically from a position of cohabitation with theirparents, they maintain some units. That is, if you can acquire the identity, responsibility and emotional independence, as characteristics of the adult and matures, from a position vital subject in...
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