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  • Publicado : 22 de marzo de 2011
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I was born in Bogota on December 8, 1995, I have always lived in the area of Bosa and began to study at 5 years in a school where I spent the whole primary and then I graduated and go to make my secondary school today q I am the José Francisco Socarras in which this took 4 years and have not lost any year on the other hand I have always had my room. And in recent years have changedthat much in my way of thinking, being and seeing the things as the circumstances in q have been made me open my eyes and the years you become a better person for the experience one would qa q pass and more all this last year and therefore a decision a long time q was to express my feelings through my words trying to stay humble people I've met has helped others like me q disappointed or justdisappointed me but as I said earlier has helped me become a better person even if q now starting to get other good things and bad but because life has touched me q I know how are these issues and because clear what I am and who I am although q in other years some things change and others appear. Friends also appear enemies but they also helped me to open more eyes even know was not nothing nice about abad decision to take and others because they do not support anyone better than them but also the only good thing they have done is that I have shown the reality of life with their evil acts towards me but I've made enemies with them for the bad decisions I made but I could not help anything but I'm sometimes a person q is very easy to get carried away though q I do not have or do not want to do itand has caused me problems like this but as I said before this has helped me think better and has become more autonomous in my decisions and I have always said that I had the gift of reason and q always what they say goes and I have taken advantage of all this to express it as I have said before with my words and songs which made me have a knack for this and has made me meet more people doing thesame q and I was able to enter a culture that always calms me down and distracts me like what is art and I have instilled in the places where I live painting and arty but many people do not like a form of expression q are cultural people in this culture has been very good with me and made me feel better when I'm not and made me see I have too q abilities and skills have also helped me out ofproblems used to fall but I always get up again I had things I've lost and I did not appreciate talking about everything a bit to not be so specific I also spent a lot about all the sport of any kind but lately I've done almost none for reasons then explain but my favorite but I have not been in any team is the basketball and some football. Of the many things I've changed my personality is the waypeople tato since before I opened my eyes was a bit of a shy and very serious but so many things happening I changed that and now I'm more social and especially with other people and I expect the same treatment as I have never liked people who talk behind one's back oq only use it.


I am currently finishing my study atschool José Francisco Socarras a school near my home which helps me in school too I'm in it and I 905jm during a year but always at the same school. The change was because of the need because I had to do other things q I had proposed to do in the afternoon and is a great opportunity but unfortunately a couple of months ago I fell ill and I could not do many things and I came down too muchself-esteem is long but my recovery was deposed q q I have lost time because for me there are q value what you have and not expect to lose or just lose my case is anything like it but what I lost was my self-esteem but now q again and so I lost time and value my health more and I'll be conscious of that. Moreover, this year I've done well in the study were it not for this disease which appeared at the end...
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