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Elements of the Short Story
A short story is a work of fiction that can be read in one sitting. Nevertheless, a novel is a fictitious prose narrative of considerable length and complexity,portraying characters and usually presenting a sequential organization of action and scenes. To make a masterpiece that an audience will enjoy, the authors have the ability of combining a key of elements suchas: the title, plot, conflict, action, suspense, endings, settings, characterization, point of view and theme. In this composition, I’m going to define the different elements of a short story or novelso it will be easier for me to learn in the English class.
A title is an identifying name given to a book, play, film, musical composition or other work. It gives us an idea in the theme of thestory or novel. The theme is the main idea or the basic meaning of a literary work and is not the same as the works’ subject. Not all literary works can be said to express a theme. Theme generally is nota concern in those works that are told primarily for entertainment.
A plot is the chain of related events that take place in a story and it is built around conflict, which is a struggle between twoopposing forces or characters in a short story, novel, play or narrative poem. Conflict can be internal or external, and it can take one of these forms: person against another person, person againstsociety, a person against nature, between two elements or ideas struggling for mastery within a person and last but not least a person against supernatural. An example of external conflict will be theelectromagnetic storm from this week and an example of an internal conflict will be a man that wants to move to the United States but he isn’t sure about what consequences it will bring to his life.The action is the events that take place in a work of literature. The action of a novel, short story or narrative poem is usually both external and internal. External action comprises those physical...
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