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  • Publicado : 31 de enero de 2012
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Best Show VS Bad Show
Television has become a very important thing in our lives. Everyone watches T.V all the time, and everyone has his own favorite type of TV shows.
I think that the best TVshow its “La Rosa De Guadalupe”, because is a TV show that its chapters are of great teaching, it gives us examples of life, and everything that happens in each of the chapters are things that areliving in this time. It helps to raise awareness in all people, especially in young people and can see people of different ages, children, teens, adults, elderly. Also contains values and above allincrease our faith, makes us realize that miracles do exist and especially those who are Catholics believe in miracles and the beautiful Virgin of Guadalupe.
Yesterday I saw a chapter that was about alittle boy who had family problems and because of that he suffered from infant depression, and explained us that it was a problem that has increased in Mexico, 3 in 10 children was suffering of thisproblem. and just as this topic there are thousands of topics that explained in each of the chapters, are things that are happening in our lives today and we in many occasions didn’t know about them.
NowI will make a critic about a Bas Show… I think that a bad, really bad show is “Family Guy” it’s a program that didn’t contains values, and its chapters teach us only bad things, like saying bad words,didn’t respect people, talk about sex in a bad way and I think it’s a not healthy show, for anyone person, especially children and young people. Just imagine what are going to learn a child with thatprogram?,,, Only he star to learn bad things and learn to behave badly, and it became to be to him very normal because he sees that in the program. That’s why these days people behave so different,there is violence, and so many problems in the society.
TV is good when we have a moderate use of it, in excess the TV becomes in our worst enemy because takes us away from society, we lose...
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