Ensayo visita hospital psiquiatrico (ingles)

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  • Publicado : 27 de febrero de 2011
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When I woke up last Thursday I said to myself “Well today I’m going to the place where they have all the crazy people” and I started wondering what it would be like. I started imagining peopletalking to themselves, running without a course, and stuff like what we see on the T.V.
I got to school, late as usual. But I couldn’t take my mind off the image of people acting stupidly or violently. Istarted to feel worried of what could happen to me at the psychiatric ward. Around 10 am we boarded the bus and anxiety started to surround me. When we finally get there, I realized that I waspicturing something entirely different from what I was watching.
It was 10 45 am when we started the tour within an hour I start discovering that people in this place are fighting against their flaws,how they are trying to start over again in order to repair some of what they have done, these people fight every day of their life with their demons or their diseases, how they reach the bottom makingthem see how much damage they’ve made.
Starting to reach the end of the tour I get to understand that this people aren’t really dangerous and aren’t really mean that they were just different, thatthey didn’t choose to be the way they are and that the really dangerous and mean people is outside that hospital, because outside where everyone is allegedly “normal” we see how people don’t careabout life how someone “normal” don’t measure what they do, and then someone told but the people in the psychiatric hospital didn’t measure the damage they´ve made until they reach the bottom, bit thedifference is that the people at the hospital have a disease, a mental disease a reason for being the way they are.
We must never forget the value we have, the opportunity we have of not having one ofthose diseases , in order to make from this world a better place, we must accept everyone with their flaws and virtues, because we never know when one of this diseases would be knocking at our...