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Leticia Gutièrrez

People who live in modern and big cities enjoy several advantages over people in small cities; incontrast, they also suffer some disadvantages. Big cities offer entertainment and several opportunities for the lifestyle compared with the small cities; however, big cities have high rate of security.There are certain things that make a city attractive or unattractive, but this decision depends of the people, because they have to find a comfortable place to live according with their culture.First of all Many people decides to move from towns to the big cities nowadays. Living in a big city has several advantages, because people can find more opportunities for the general life. Oneadvantage is that big cities have excellent services for the lifestyle, for example, transportation, health services, education and public services. Another advantage is that people have many places whereto spend time, because a big city offers many activities and places like shopping malls, restaurants, night clubs, sightseeing places and more. Furthermore big cities offer variety in different kindsof job because there are a lot of companies and industries, so it is easy to find where to work. As you can see, people who lives in a big city has variety in opportunities in order to livecomfortable and the possibility to find a good place where to enjoy the life.

Even though that big cities offer a good lifestyle, the majority has several disadvantages as well. The most importantdisadvantage is that big cities have a high rate of insecurity and violence; this situation makes a stressful life. Another disadvantage is that pollution has damaged the environment because of the varietycontamination types. Furthermore people who live in a big city suffer stressed out because of the lifestyle, for example, the traffic is heavy and the life is more expensive than small cities. A good...
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