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Computer instructors are responsible for training individuals on the correct and effective use of various computer programs or systems used for business or personal use.
This career requires acombination of computer skills plus excellent communication skills and people skills to help those that have little or no computer experience learn how to use the various programs.
Most computerinstructors offer training on basic programs for business such as work processing, spreadsheets, databases and even some basic graphic design or web page design. Generally classes are offered based on theneeds of the clients or students, which may mean having several different levels from basics to advanced.
Computer instructors may work from a local school, college or training center or may work fromtheir own computer lab or classroom. Some instructors move from business to business providing in-house classes using the specific equipment that the office or business owns. Meeting with clients anddetermining exactly what needs to be covered or taught in the computer class is essential for developing the class lessons or outlines. Often this is even more challenging as management may not beaware of exactly how knowledgeable the staff is on a specific technology.

Some computer instructors may also provide written information on how to work with various programs. Usually this writteninformation is provided in conjunction with a class, but may also be used without the use of a formal class. Some computer instructors also offer online classes, especially for internet or web designclasses.
Common work activities include:
* Advertising and marketing computer instruction classes to businesses, schools or individuals that may be potential clients or students.
* Developingstructured lessons to increase the student's ability to use the various programs and computer systems.
* Meeting with clients and managers to develop a curriculum that meets the needs of the...
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