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Explain your c v or you experience: name of company, position title and description, dates of employment.
Name of the company: Grupo Consave S.A.
Sales Manager: I was my responsibility to achievethe sales goals of the company. It is my husband company and I was supervising the sales force quotes and helping them to close sales, by checking price lists, costs, competitors quotations and soon.
Name of company: Grupo IP Panama is an English learning center.
Administrative Manager: I was responsible to the whole administrative operation, human resources, hiring and recruiting newemployees, including work contracts, social security issues, handling of the Panamanian labor laws, and paying roll procedures
I had to keep track of utilities bills and collect accounts receivable.In Oinde I was doing the same job.
In My bank jobs experience i was into the customers’ service area.
Opening saving account, lend contracts, credit cards and so on.

Why are you leaving your job?Ip group panama is out of business, because they close their operation in panama. And Oinde was sold to a new owner and they brought their own people to do the management .
I left banistmo when Itook my maternity license and then I decide to stay in home to take care of my newborn.

What is your greatest weakness?
Is the food, I loved….. to be honest with you I should have had many but Idon’t know what to tell you, maybe delegate to other people because I feel to lose control.

What is your greatest strength?
People skills, because when you work with people you need to connectwith them in order to establish a good communication channel to get the job done. And always is important to learn from mine and others experiences.

How do you handle stress and pressure?
With acoffee and a smoke.
First I try to cool down, keep my mind clear and revaluate the issue from the outside. Then take the option that best suited to me to solve the problem.

What motivates you?...
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