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  • Publicado : 24 de agosto de 2012
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Hello there, as my friend on here I was wondering if you would you be able to do me a favour soon - asyou may know Miss Stardoll World is starting up again this Wednesday and to ensure that I get into the semi-finals this year I really need your help.
I've worked extremely on my suite & doll as Ialways do and really feel that I deserve this due to the amount of time, effort and money i spend on Stardoll doing things such as editing my Stardoll blog to keep members informed on the latest happeningsand giving them useful information, helping out my friends on here if they ever need help (If you have ever asked on chat and have been ignored I'm sorry but my chat does not work and i barely eversee peoples messages unless they inbox me or guestbook message which I ALWAYS reply) and simply having fun decorating my suite and doll. I also run clubs on Stardoll for a bit of fun for others, mymain club has over 18OO members. I do all of this whilst having to sort out and balance my real life which can be alot of hard work, you must be thinking that everybody on Stardoll has to do that and I'mnot going to tell you all about the details of my life and give you a sob story but I'll just let you know that mine can be alot more hard work than the average life - if you do want to know I'malways happy to let people know so just ask and I'll spill all but just incase you don't I'll stay quiet about it for now :)
Anyway, doing all of this means nothing and I won't achieve much if nobodyreally knows about it: this is where I need your help, if you don't have much time just a simple MSW vote every day you're on Stardoll will do but if you do have a bit of spare time and would like tohelp me a little more it would be greatly appreciated if you let your friends know about my campaign to give me abit more advertisement, support and visability. I will deeply appreciate your help and...
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