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Shevan Palmer January 17, 2010
COM 100
Mickey Mouse Monopoly Review
In the movie Mickey Mouse Monopoly people shared their views of the ways the Walt Disney Company depicts theircharacters. I can say that prior to me watching the film I watched and supported The Walt Disney Companies programs but I haven’t been paying attention to the subliminal messages that the Walt DisneyCompany has been delivering to the young children. From watching the movie I was able to notice that trends in the company’s method of presentation. They always depict the princess as a usually young,beautiful girl. The male characters are usually either angry/adventurous pirates or strong knights in shining armor. These roles are played by young boys and girls and I feel that it is wrong that theWalt Disney Company targets this specific age group to believe that they have to be like their favorite characters they see on television. I feel that it is up to the parents to sort of guide theirchildren on what shows to watch. Also I feel that children should be stimulated with other things other that the television. If parents promote more extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs, andleadership activities like girls/boys scout. With more extracurricular activities children would really have no time to watch the programs that to me stimulate the negative thoughts that they shouldhave to be like the characters they see on television. Another thing that I noticed that from the movie was the depiction of the animal characters in the Walt Disney movies. I didn’t understand as to whythe Walt Disney Company would do this. I had to ask myself are they that ignorant that they would stereotype races with the types of animals they use in their movies. I just feel that just becausethe animal may be a gorilla, they all shouldn’t have the same African-American voice. I personally think that the Walt Disney Company pollutes the mind of the children of today. If I were a parent I...
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