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Name: Giovanny Landeta
Topic: Appearances are destructive
The story is very clearly about the influence that this ¨ consumerism wave¨ has caught American teenagers. The writer makes aspecial emphasis in what all this fashion brands have done in schools and the influence that they have in changing their thoughts from Shakespeare to Gucci or Calvin Klein. He also adds other problemslike drugs, gangster and the father’s roles.
All of what was mentioned before has concordance to a problem that American educational system has faced for a long time. There are many factors showedthat this country has to be restructuring in problems with drugs, gangsters. And another that has been unobserved is the lack of a dress code. For many people this cannot be considered a big problem,but like in the story is mentioned; this is a distracting fact; we can see that students are not paying all the attention to their classes and in the story students says ¨it´s the cool thing to do,that it gives them status and earns them respect¨; with all this backgrounds, it is confirmed that this is a real problem and solutions must be realized.
In conclusion, America right now has to facea big problem. The educational system is disappointing its population. Not only Americans now about this; there is a survey called ¨ PISA ¨ which ranks educational systems of OCDEcountries; in this the United States is ranked in a low position. Now that people, the numbers and a film called ¨Waiting for Superman¨ confirm this ¨ ugly truth¨ the authorities must start rechecking theireducational structure with the introduction of a dressing code in schools, this can be a solution for the progress of the educational system in that country.
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