Essay of fair trade

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  • Publicado : 19 de febrero de 2012
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Fair Trade is an organization approach to trading which means that farmers of poor countries have a fair deal with a big company. A fair deal includes a fair price for goods and services,good working conditions, and a commitment from buyers so that there is reasonable security for the producers. They is a Fair-trade Foundation, this foundation make sure that the companies are beenfair with the profits and give all the money the farmers deserve, to have a contract between a company and some farmers it have to be prove by fair trade foundation, the product would have the logo,this process is to have transparency and respect .
In the fair trade a person need to have ethics to respect the deal an not to take advantage of it ,to have a moral code to know what is right andwrong ,also solve the situation as fair is possible and not to take advantage of the other people, have a right conduct, to have all this to have a fair trade because is base to make the deal correct andhave fair profits of the product.
When the persons of few resources you do not have what to eat and a company offer them a very difficult employment for a minim quantity of earnings the people takethe opportunity since it is better than anything, these situations are solved by the fair trade since this forces to the companies that give them a just salary

In the world there are many poorpeople since many business are without fair trade and many poor people work for small quantity of money with they cant survive and for this great reason people do business that are illegal or steal sincethey cannot work for a just quantity or simply they die in a very poor conditions, the fair trade avoids many similar situations and helps many people to survive, this foundation helps the people togo out to forward and to demonstrate that the best way of surviving and obtaining earns is working honestly, in addition it diminishes the poverty and the corruption in the country

The fair...