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Dear Sir,
I am writing to respond to your article about the lack of father figures nowadays. Personally, I think that having a father figure at home is necessary but notobligatory to build someone’s character, as long as he as a father is aware of what his family’s needs are and what can he do in order to fulfill such needs. It is true that having a fatherat home can provide a safer environment at home, but when there is necessity of bringing bread to the table and a mother’s work is not enough, what can one do? It is obvious that agood father will look for the well of his family, and if it implies having to work eight hours a day, he will not doubt it.
The only example I can think of is my own father. I admirehim as a father figure because he has been fighting to be a good father since he was sixteen, when he got married for the first time. In those times, as young as he was, he had towork almost fifteen hours a day to give his wife and two children a safe life, food and clothing, even if knowing he had to be outside the home, his children appreciate everything hedid for them.
Sometime later, after several troubles, he got divorced and a few years later met my mother. Though he had new responsibilities with my mother and a few years laterwith me and my brother, he never abandoned his previous marriage’s children. On the contrary, he did everything he could to make me and my brothers have a good relationship.Obviously, when we are little we cannot understand why our father spends little time at home, but as time passes it is clearer that if it is difficult for us not seeing him as much as wewished, it is difficult for them too. An ideal father is not only a man who can spend time with their children, but also one that can provide his family with what it needs.

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