Essay on the caribbean

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Essay on the Caribbean
The Caribbean islands are very similar to latinoamerican countries in
terms of poverty, conservatism and opportunities of development.
For geographical and economicalreasons a large population of these
countries are immigrants in the United States of America, “the land
of happiness and opportunity”.
In the next text of Lorna Goodison “Bella makes life”, Bella is aJamaican woman who goes to the States leaving behind her husband
and children in order to make some money and with the intention of
coming back. But when she comes back, her husband notices that sheis not the same woman, she had became liberal, extravagant,
materialistic and selfish, the American society had already influenced
on her. While her husband was working hard and looking after thekids, she was enjoying herself in the States. At the end of the story,
her husband can no longer stand her and she just doesn’t find herself
in Jamaica and goes back to the States.
I would like tocompare this story to a personal anecdote about a girl
who used to work as a domestic in my aunt’s house. Her name was
Minerva and she was living with her husband. After having worked
two yearswith my aunt, she made the decision of going to the States
because she wanted to make some money. By chance she started
working in a house of a woman she knew; this woman needed
someone for lookingafter her retarded son. At the beginning the time
was hard for Minerva, she couldn’t speak English and she was alone,
her husband was in Venezuela. However, her new job was not
difficult and it waswell paid (much better than her job in Venezuela).
After one year she found a better job and her husband moved out
with her. She already spoke English and in her new job she was
earning even moremoney than my aunt in Venezuela!.
At the moment she is still in the States and she doesn’t want to come
back. There, she has all that she wants: an apartment, a very good job
and her husband....
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