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An essay is a writing of critical, generally brief character; that it includes a personal opinion on philosophical, scientific, historical or literary topic.
In our case we are going toreview several papers, research articles that will help you acquire analytical, critical and conceptual skills.
For these reasons it is very important for you to know how to write properly a scientificessay.
In general we can say that a scientist assay is written with careful and elegant style, brief and concise, includes personal opinions and conclusions, topics will vary, it has a free style, itis logical and reviews the author’s idea.
1) Read the text and identify the main ideas.
2) Emphasize the main ideas, and use a different tone toemphasize   secondary ideas.
3) Analyze and understand the information in order to organize and classify it.
4) Synthesize the information, expressing the ideas of the author with your own words and apersonal style.
5) Write personal proposals, critics or commentaries on the subject.
                                           STRUCTURE OF AN ESSAY
The structure of an essay must follow acertain order:
1) INTRODUCTION:   1.1-percentage: 10% of the essay
                               1.2- extension:  ½ page approximately
                               1.3 - content: thesubject, the objective, the hypothesis and the criteria that will be handled. It is explained briefly
2) DEVELOPMENT:     2.1 percentages: 80% of the essay.
                            2.2extensions: 4 to 5 pages
                            2.3 Content:  exhibition, and analysis of the ideas
                                           Synthesis 60%       summary 20%      commentary 20%
3) CONCLUSIONS:          3.1 - percentage: 10% of the essay
                                      3.2 - extension: ½ pages
                                      3.3 -...
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