Estrategias de lectura

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Today I woke up as a normal day of holiday, it means a little late. I went down to take the breakfast with my family and once everybody finished breakfast, I askedpermission to my parents to go with my boyfriend and his family on holiday, my parents agreed and I got ready to go with him some days, after, I called to my boyfriend by phone to confirm my attendance.Later, I went with my brother to “Walmart” to buy my hair dye and a contact lenses, on the road of my house to the supermarket, I asked the price of the contact lenses, in some stores optical that arearound to my house. When we were closer to the supermarket, I left my backpack in the parcel and my brother and I went inside to buy my hair dye. Then, I asked about the price of the contact lenses,but in that place was more expensive than in the stores optical of by my house. After my brother and I got out of the supermarket and we went through the place that is calling “El Jardín”, there webought some things and in a store optical I bought my contact lenses.
Then my brother and I came back to the house and my mom dyed my hair.
After my boyfriend called to my house and he confirm allsituation that we’ll do the next day.
I hung up the phone and I took a shower. I prepared my clothes in my backpack. After I did the ironing my clothes and later I went to the bed.

This day I woke up at 5 in the morning, the first I did was brush my teeth, then I combed, I dressed and I makeup.
After that I finished, my mom went with to take a bus (the terminal is inthe corner of my house) around 6 am.
In the entire road I was listen my music, when I arrived to “Indios Verdes”, I left the subway and I started to look for my boyfriend. After one hour my boyfriendarrived to the subway. Then we went to the house of his aunt and we wait till his parents, brother and sister arrived.
After his family was there, his family began to accommodate all the things...
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