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Complete the Conditional Sentences (Type I) by putting the verbs into the correct form.
1. If you (send) this letter now, she (receive) it tomorrow.
2. If I (do) this test, I (improve) my English.
3. If I (find) your ring, I (give) it back to you.
4. Peggy (go) shopping if she (have) time in the afternoon.
5. Simon (go) to London next week if he (get) a cheap flight.6. If her boyfriend (phone / not) today, she (leave) him.
7. If they (study / not) harder, they (pass / not) the exam.
8. If it (rain) tomorrow, I (have to / not) water the plants.
9. You (be able/ not) to sleep if you (watch) this scary film.
10. Susan (can / move / not) into the new house if it (be / not) ready on time.
Complete the Conditional Sentences (Type II) byputting the verbs into the correct form. Use conditional I with would in the main clause.
1. If we (have) a yacht, we (sail) the seven seas.
2. If he (have) more time, he (learn) karate.
3. If they (tell) their father, he (be) very angry.
4. She (spend) a year in the USA if it (be) easier to get a green card.
5. If I (live) on a lonely island, I (run) around naked all day.6. We (help) you if we (know) how.
7. My brother (buy) a sports car if he (have) the money.
8. If I (feel) better, I (go) to the cinema with you.
9. If you (go) by bike more often, you (be / not) so flabby.
10. She (not / talk) to you if she (be) mad at you.

Janine is a daydreamer. She imagines what would happen if she won the lottery.
Complete the Conditional SentencesType II.
1. If I the lottery, I a chance to hit the jackpot.
2. If I the jackpot, I rich.
3. If I rich, my life completely.
4. I a lonely island, if I a nice one.
5. If I a lonely island, I a huge house by the beach.
6. I all my friends if I a house by the beach.
7. I my friends up in my yacht if they to spend their holidays on my island.
8. We great parties ifmy friends to my island.
9. If we to go shopping in a big city, we a helicopter.
10. But if my friends' holidays over, I very lonely on my lonely island.

If / When
Complete each sentence below with the BEST answer.

Top of Form
1. I am late to work, my boss gets very angry. That is why I am always on time.

2. I leave work, Iusually go to the fitness center to work out.

3. he eats, he tries to choose healthy foods.

4. His car is very reliable, and he rarely has any trouble with it. But he has had a couple of difficulties in the past. his car breaks down or he has any problems, he calls the auto club.

5. His car is terrible! It always breaks down. his car breaks down or he has any problems, he calls theauto club.

6. Mary gets six weeks paid vacation a year. She loves to travel. she goes on vacation, she always goes somewhere exotic.

7. Diane works harder than anyone I know. I don't think she has taken a day off in three years. But she does really love to travel. she goes on vacation, she goes somewhere exotic.

8. He loves going to the movies. he goes to the movies, he always gets alarge popcorn with tons of butter.

9. She hates TV. She thinks television is a waste of time. she watches any television at all, it is usually a documentary or a news program.

10. My friend always keeps in touch by mail. I get a letter, I usually write back immediately.

Using the words in parentheses, complete the text below with the appropriate conditional form.-------------------------------------------------
Top of Form
Did you hear about that guy who won 180 million dollars in the lottery? If I (win) that much money, I (quit) my job the next day. I (travel) around the world and (stay) in the most luxurious hotels. If I (want) anything, I (buy) it. If I (see) a beautiful Mercedes that I wanted, I (buy) it. If I wanted to stay in a beautiful hotel and the hotel (be) full,...
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