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importance of pluralistic preparation of teachers. In practice,
however, most teacher education programs actually represent a
monocultural approach. Continuing education in the field ofintercultural education is linked to individual initiatives rather
than to an institutional awareness of the importance of cross-cultural
training. To understand the barriers to educational equalityfaced by
low-income cultural & linguistic minority youth in Spain &
Switzerland, we need to understand the ways in which social class
& ethnicity interact with language & culture. 2 Tables, 37References. Adapted from the source document.

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DN: Database Name
CSA Sociological Abstracts
TI: Title
The Demand for Higher Education in Spain
AU: Author
Mora, Jose-Gines
European Journal of Education, vol. 31, no. 3, pp. 341-354, Sept 1996
DE: Descriptors
*Higher Education; *Spain; *Educational Systems; *Access; Secondary
Education; Educational Policy; PublicPolicy; Socioeconomic Factors;
College Students; Education Work Relationship
AB: Abstract
Examines the effects of the tremendous growth of higher education in
Spain over the last 30 years. Afterdescribing the basic structure of
the education system, including means of access to higher education,
the growing demand for secondary & higher education & the
public policies designed to increasefinancial & institutional
resources to meet this demand are discussed. The socioeconomic factors
behind this aspiration for higher education are explored, & the
impact on the socioeconomicbackground of university students,
graduate employment, & the economic rewards of higher education
are analyzed. 10 Tables, 15 References. S. Barrera

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DN: Database Name
CSA SociologicalAbstracts
TI: Title
Current Tendencies of the Sociology of Education in Spain
AU: Author
Quintana Cabanas, Jose Maria
SO: Source
Revista Internacional de Sociologia, vol. 45, no. 4, pp....