Estupidos en el mundo

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Read the story and complete the chart:
-What’s Robyn Davidson’s dream?

Robyn Davidson's dream is to walk across the center desert of Australia, from Alice Springs tothe west coast, with the help of camels.

-Place the journey starts
The journey starts in Alice Springs.

-Place the journey ends
The journey ends in Hamelin Pool, situated in the west coast.-Itinerary:
How long is the trip? The trip is 2,800 kilometers long.
Write down the names of the places she stops and some information about them.
Alice Springs: In Alice Springs livedabout over 14,000 people and 1,000 of them were Aborigines.
Areyonga: Areyonga it's an Aboriginal village with only about ten people.
Tempe Downs: In this place, the countryside becomes wilder andwilder, more like the desert.
Ayers rock: Ayers rock is a huge red rock, which rises up out of the desert sand. For the Aborigines, it has a special meaning.
Docker: It's a small town in the middle ofthe Aborigine country.
Pipalyatjara: She goes there with Eddie and it was his home.
Warburton: It's a town 320 kilometres to the west.
Wiluna: Is the first real town since Alice Springs.
Dalgety:Is the town where Robyn could feed her camels in a farm.
Hamelin Pool: It's the end of her journey. It's situated in the west coast.

-What did Robyn do for a living?
When she arrived in AliceSprings she started working in a pub.

-How does she get the camels she
She get the camels she needs buying them on a farm which is sold to a man who doesn't know how to look after camels.-Which problems does she have with them?
The problems that she has are that one day, the camels disappeared and she has to search them.

-What problems does Robyn have to face?
Robyn has someproblems: Her camels disappeared, sometimes she doesn't have much food to feed the camels, she has to kill one of her camels and her dog died.

-Describe the desert
The weather in the desert was...
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