Evolucion humana

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  • Publicado : 6 de mayo de 2011
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Comparing how humans lived in the Paleolithic period with how they lived in the Mesolithic period.
The Paleolithic is an era associated with human evolution; it is also called Old Stone Age, inwhich the researchers had discovered the begging of the use of stone tools. The Paleolithic has three levels: Lower, Middle and Upper.
In this period the humans live in groups, they hunter and gather thefood; this activity of hunter is called the big-game, they had prey like woolly mammoths, wild cattle, horses, deer, reindeer and others. In other words, they took animals from the tundra.
Besidesof their abilities about stones and other tools, they developed a magnificent art; it is the earliest expression of art. They used to paint on limestone walls inside deeply cavers. Many investigationshave emerged about this topic, in this way researchers, have made many versions in which they connect cave painting with magic and ritual acts, or they think that they Paleolithic people, throughouttheir drawings, intent to control the reproduction of animals. Many of this graphics show animals with spears in their bodies, others describe animals copulating, so this maybe represent the promotionof the fertility or the success in the hunt. Furthermore, humans appears in about 50 caves paintings, and they are wearing animal skins, so it conduce the Paleolithic people shared some rites in whichone of them are the shaman.
The Paleolithic era is followed by Mesolithic period or Middle Stone Age, it took place at the end of the final glaciations. The apparition of many small stones named“Microlith” characterized this era, and this led us to understand the manner in which these people lived.
When the glaciers were melted there were no longer subarctic animals in southwester (Kottak), andthis fact changed the way of hunter and gather, because the lands were forest in contrast with the Paleolithic people. Consequently, their preys were animals like roe deer, wild ox, wild pigs,...
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