Evolution vs creasionism

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  • Publicado : 26 de octubre de 2010
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People support two main beliefs to explain the origin of life on Earth: Creationism and Evolution. The two theories are related with what people do in their live, it means, t is related with their lifestyle or way to think. These two philosophies are totally opposite of each other and cannot go hand in hand. Creationism is a belief followed by manypeople and the Holy Bible serves as a guideline and a set of instructions to show how the Earth was formed and to guide humans through life. Science backs up this Holy Book it is a very reliable source of the history of the world. Evolution is defined into two categories: Macro Evolution and Micro Evolution. Macro Evolution is one part of evolution, based on assumptions and beliefs. It isunscientific and has not been empirically proven. Macro Evolution states that life came from non-living materials and is slowly evolving from different kinds of species to better and stronger forms of life. Micro Evolution is observable and has been scientifically proven many times, it states that different species adapt to their environment, but stay within their own species. But, when Evolution ismentioned throughout the paper, it is being referred to as Macro Evolution. To believe in evolution refers that the human came from non-living material and all came together from the Big Bang. Humans supposedly came here by chance through millions of years of evolving from a rock.In Creation, an almighty creator created the life, and it is a stepping-stone to get to heaven. There is an afterlife for all people either heaven or hell, so lead a good life and follow what the creator set out for human in the Bible.
In Evolution, man believes that he is getting better all the time, there is no one to answer to andhe is his own God to do what he wants. This theory of evolution all started with the devil in the beginning of the history of the Earth, in the King James Version of the Bible. The Bible states that the Devil deceived Adam and Eve, referring that they would be like Gods, and the concept of Evolution is teaching people that they have no one to answer to; they are their own Gods. The Devil is theone that wants to deceive humans in believing this. Evolution is teaching humans that they are getting better from when they first evolved from a rock. Creation is the opposite, man is the one that let sin into the world and because of this he is slowly getting poorer in quality as time goes byand he is exposed to sin. To back up this point the second law of thermodynamics is: Everything tends to disorder. Nothing gets better without assistance, but God said that he would come back, get rid of sin and the devil, and make the world perfect again without sin. It is believed that since Adam and Eve took the bite out of the apple off ofthe tree of knowledge, everything has been going downhill, towards an unorganized state from what it was originally created as a perfect place in the Garden of Eden. The Devil is the one who wants to be like God and he can’t have the job so he is in the process of trying to destroyhumans by turning them against God because humans are in God’s image and humans remind the devil of God. The first law of thermodynamics states that matter cannot be created or destroyed. So, somehow the matter had to be created, coming together to everything that is in the universe today. These two philosophies give very different...
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