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Chapter 2 – You Said What?
September first rolled around and Harry and Petunia made their way to Kings Cross Station. They found a trolley and between the two of them managed to get Harry's trunk onto it as well as carefully balancing the carrying cases for his pets. He grinned as he looked towards her, and she gave a grin right back.
"According to this paper," said Petunia looking down andreading it again. "It says that all you have to do is walk straight through the barrier between platforms nine and ten. From there it will get you onto the platform for the Hogwart's Express. Shall we give it a try and see what happens?"
"Will you come with me?" asked Harry in a worried voice. "I don't want to go alone and I don't know anyone."
"Of course I will come with you," said Petunia walkingalongside him. "As for not knowing anyone, I am sure you will make loads of friends. You are easy to like and love. Just remember to be nice to people and they will be nice to you in return. I am going to miss all of the accidental magic that happens around the house to Vernon. It does make me laugh when you get even with him for attempting to sabotage you or harm you. It makes my job so mucheasier. Now I have to get Dudley to do chores and I am not looking forward to that fight. You always help me and I am grateful for that."
Together they entered the barrier and found themselves standing in front of the train. Both were amazed at the sight before them. Harry was excited to know that the magical world was indeed grand. They made their way to one of the carriages. Harry was wonderinghow he was going to get all of his belongings on the train when what appeared to be a fourth year student stepped out.
"Hi," he said. "My name is Cedric Diggory. Would you like some help with your trunk?"
"Yes please," said Harry. "My name is Harry Potter. Thank you for offering. This is my Aunt Petunia and we are slightly confused as to what to do."
"OK let's see," said Cedric. "You have threepets. How about we send your owl to the school? She will fly there and your Aunt can bring her cage back home. That will relieve you of one package."
Harry nodded and opened the owl cage. Cedric told the bird that she could meet them at Hogwarts. Hedwig nipped Harry affectionately on the ear and flew off. Smiling Petunia took the cage.
"You have a kitten and a snake," said Cedric. "How aboutletting your snake sleep around your neck and we shrink his cage? That will relieve you of another container. That will just leave your trunk and your kitten carrier."
"You are a very intelligent young man," said Petunia smiling. "Thank you so much for helping us. We were afraid that no one would be polite enough to help Harry or be his friend."
"It is my pleasure ma'am," said Cedric. "I rememberwhen I was a first year. This was hard on me then. As far as friends, I have no doubt that once he meets some of the other first year students he will have more friends than he anticipated. Plus I will be here to watch out over him as well. I know of Harry Potter and I am not interested in his fame. I would like to get to know the person behind the scar."
Harry watched as Cedric pulled out his wandand shrunk the snake's tank. Harry put it in his shirt pocket for safe keeping. From there, the two boys got his trunk into a carriage and then Harry retrieved Spook from Petunia. Harry hugged his Aunt who smiled at him. He got up on the train and talked with her for a few moments through the window.
"Make sure that you write to me often," she said. "If you need anything at all I am just an owlaway and I will do what I can to assist you. I will miss you Harry."
"I will keep an eye out on him for you ma'am," said Cedric. "He will be just fine. I promise that if he forgets to owl you that I will remind him."
Petunia smiled and then she walked out. She did not want Harry to see her crying. A few minutes later, Harry and Cedric noticed Hermione come through the barrier. She was looking...
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